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Booking information

Tickets: £5. Over-18s only.

About this event

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Is there a ghost in the machine? Is Johnny 5…alive?

The Horniman is opening late for a night of talks, performance, food and drink. Join us for a safari around The Robot Zoo, take the control of giant animatronic beasts, and explore London’s most wonderful Natural History collection by night, with experts on hand to answer your questions.

Internationally renowned curators, scientists and artists explore the relationship between humans, robots and animals, and what robotics can tell us about animal and human behaviour. You’ll have a chance to get up close with our taxidermy collections and talk to our curators throughout the night.

Speakers include:

  • Adam Rutherford, science writer and broadcaster
  • Dr Kate Devlin, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths
  • Steve Fuller, Professor of sociology and social epistemology at the University of Warwick

For party animals, there’s music from Dana Immanuel and the Stolen Band, cocktails and games which pit animals versus robots. 

Crafty foxes can make their own ears and tails, or you can bring your own. And who said face painting is just for kids? Prizes for humans dressed as animals or robots, and a special award for Best in Show.