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Farmers' Market Focus: Wise Owl Tea

This month we caught up with Farmers' Market regulars Wise Owl Tea to learn about how they're making tea infusions that are delicious and healthy.

Hi, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Wise Owl Tea is based in Crystal Palace. We specialise in organic herbal tisanes and all of our blends have a delicious taste with added health benefits. Our blends are caffeine, sugar, and preservative free.

How long have you been creating infusions and what attracted you to the trade?

I have been creating infusions for about 10 years. Wise Owl Tea was founded in 2014 and in our first year we won three Great Taste awards. I was attracted to the tea trade mainly because of all the nice people within the industry. The fact that it is natural, sustainable, and cost-effective was also appealing and inspired me to form the Wise Owl Tea company.

  • Wise Owl Tea, Louise Kamara
    , Louise Kamara

What does a working week look like for you?

The day normally starts at 7am with processing online orders. We aim to dispatch orders on the same day they are received which is all part of our fast reliable service to UK and European customers.

Running my own business I must always be looking for ways to improve the product and service we provide for all our customers and be innovative in looking at different ways to expand the business. We are always busy trying new infusions. Currently, we are working on several new ideas for Summer Ice tea.

How do you ensure your business is organic and sustainable?

We aim to source as much product as we can locally, working with farms that have Soil Association certification. Our teabags are also all environmentally friendly as they are made from natural corn starch. This means they are bio-degradable and compostable in soil within 18 months.

What makes trading at the Horniman special for you?

The diversity of customers is appealing at the market. From regular locals to tour groups visiting the museum and market there's a real mix.

  • DSC03961, Wise Owl Tea
    , Wise Owl Tea

What do you feel sets you apart from other infusion businesses?

As well as delicious tastes, our blends also provide health benefits. Our most popular blend is Bamboo Leaf and Nettle which has won a Great Taste award from the Guild of Fine Foods. Bamboo leaf has a high amount of the mineral silica which is great for healthy looking skin, hair, and nails. Two other blends, Cinnamon Spice and our Night Night Sleepy Tea have also won Great Taste awards and are popular at the market.

Can you tell us your personal favourite blend?

My favorite blend is the Tahitian Night-Night Sleepy Tea. It is a nice relaxing evening blend consisting of chamomile, lavender, limeflower, and valerian root. It is a great way to help give you the good night's sleep you have long been waiting for. January is our healthy-detox month though so we will be featuring a new blend of turmeric and ginger infusion.