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The Museum of Your Life

Our collections are made up of important objects, whether they are a rare example or a part of everyday life. With our World Gallery opening, we’ve been asking you to share your important objects with us.

What would go into the museum of your life?

What hold special memories that you couldn’t imagine parting with?

Here are some of your objects and stories.

This beautiful vase belonged to my grandmother and it was given to me after she passed away a few years ago. We had a shared love of the colour green...

She had 3 of these in the windowsill of her drawing room - purple, red and green. The sun would shine through each one reflecting the beautiful colours around the room. 

She knew the green was my favourite. This was one of her treasured objects and now it is mine. It reminds me of her every day.

A few days before my daughter was born, with my wife absolutely bossing early labour contractions, we ordered a Chinese takeaway thinking it may be the last we have as a family of two. This fortune was in my cookie.

I was scared and nervous for what was about to happen and this fortune felt comforting. I know they’re a bit naff but it felt like a sign. I keep it in my wallet to remind me of those days just before my life changed forever and I became a Dad.

They really calm me down. I think it’s their bird sound. It’s like a beat that you can do and they copy. It’s basically like I’m talking to them.

I remember hearing wood pigeons in school in Lower Sydenham Woods on a trip looking for other birds. My second favourite bird is a Peregrine Falcon – powerful and colourful, fast and smart.

I wear the bracelet every day, as it reminds me of my family and makes me feel connected to them. Last year me, my mum and my sister went on holiday together and we bought fabric bracelets to remind us of the trip – the fabric bracelets didn’t last long, so for Christmas my sister bought us all matching metal bracelets that we could all wear, and that would last.

My family live in the south west, and I don’t see them very often so the bracelet allows me to feel close to them. It holds happy memories of fun times together with my family!

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